what are we solving.


smart contract vulnerabilities fixed

Smart contracts can be manipulated by malevolent actors to change the state of the blockchain. We protect developers before and after they deploy smart contracts.


botnet attacks

Decentralized botnets attack in a dynamic way, learning from new vulnerabilities and attacking them. Armur helps by deploying AI-backed botnets that are decentralized and use swarm learning to constantly learn vulnerabilities and stop malicious attacks.


network takeovers

Network attacks are common. Protection at the blockchain level is important. Armur protects with an AI-enhanced toolkit for deep penetration tests and audits.

what we are building.

Securing the Web3 world, one big step at a time with our AI-enabled toolkit.


smart contract security

Katana enables developers to deep audit and fix smart contract vulnerabilities before deployment.


platform audits

An AI-enabled toolkit for deep penetration audits on NFT platforms, DeFi platforms, crypto wallets, DEXs and dApps.

The values that drive our company.

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We build at a lighting pace and ensure we deliver the best toolkit to protect your Web 3.0 assets. What we do we do it right.

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We are building a state of the art AI based Secure layer for all blockchain assets. We keep research at the core of our company and strive to build better technology for the future of Web 3.0

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We employ a total transparent process of building the right tool for our users including specifications, documentations, usage pattern and pricing

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