Akhil Sharma

Akhil Sharma

Web3 Engineer, Rust, GO, Solidity and Hyperledger expert. Experienced with building products on Solana, Ethereum, NEAR, tezos.

About Akhil Sharma

An experienced, hands-on engineer, Akhil's been running a tech consultancy firm since the past 4 years. Having consulted enterprise clients of all sizes in big data and data engineering technologies, Akhil has architected and scaled products that have touched millions of users.

  • He also runs an active youtube channel with 15k followers. Topics include Web3 and tech in general
  • Currently writing a book on using the Rust programming language for Web3 products
  • More than 12K Linkedin followers and 500+ followers on Github

With a deep experience in building SAAS products, Web3 products like dApps, DeFi platforms, wallets, crypto exchanges, Akhil now wants to focus on securing the Web3 world with Armur.