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Frequently Asked Questions!

is it necessary to secure my smart contracts?

Yes, Smart Contracts are susceptible to attacks, especially if they have payable functions and wallet connections. Millions of dollars get stolen everyday due to poorly secured smart contracts.

how does armur secure my smart contract?

Smart contracts cannot be modified in the future. Armur helps by securing your Smart Contracts during development and before deployment by pointing out the common threats and flaws.

which blockchains are supported by armur?

We currently support all EVM compatible chains. We will soon be supporting Solana, NEAR, Tezos.
Apart from this, our SDKs will be launched for Hyperledger and Cosmos as well.

does armur secure only smart contracts?

Armur aims to provide a 360 degree security solution for blockchains and any WEB3 product built with an underlying blockchain technology.

what else do i need apart from armur for enhanced security?

We're coming up with more products that will enable you to secure not just smart contracts but all layers of the blockchain. Soon, you may not need to use any other tools for Web3 security.

what entities are supported by armur?

Armur currently secures Smart Contracts but we're actively building products for securing DeFi platforms, NFT platforms, Wallets, DEXs, blockchain communication layers.