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cyber security.

WEB3 Cybersecurity product suite to help secure dApps, Smart Contracts and blockchains.

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smart contract audits.


no more vulnerable smart contracts.

Smart contract security made smarter.
Our AI-based smart-contract assessment tools help secure
smart contracts.

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continuous smart
contract audits.

Security is an ongoing optimization, threats evolve and so do our audits.
Armur's proprietary technology enables
deep audits and early threat prevention.

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advanced pen testing.

Secure your web apps, front-ends and data with the help of penetration testing reports.
Find deep vulnerabilities that can lead to
millions of dollars in loss.

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analyze threats
in real-time.

Get detailed reports and notifications
whenever you update or re-deploy
smart contracts with our real-time
automation and analysis suite.

defi and dex safety audits.

DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces and Decentralized exchanges are some of the most exploited systems due to the sheer amount of transactions .
At Armur, we have a dedicated toolkit specialized to assess marketplace and DeFi threats.

dynamic security for dexS and crypto wallets
deep vulnerability audits for nft marketplaces
real-time transaction protection for defi platforms
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A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template
A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template
Trusted by
+150,000 developers
A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template

BloCkchain protocol threat assessment.


private blockchains secured

Our hyperledger security toolkit protects B2b and private blockchains.


crypto wallets audited

Wallets are some of the most attacked assets in Web3. Wallets protected by Armur are 80% less vulnerable.



Minting and selling NFTs is one of the 
biggest business models in Web3.
Armur helps in securing transactions
as well as smart contracts.


DeFI platforms shielded

Buying and selling crypto on public exchanges attract new-age threats. Armur's DeFi toolkit provides 100% protection.


public blockchains

Armur enhances netwoork and infra security for decentralized protocols.


dApps safeguarded

From a simple dApp to a complex marketplace built on public blockchains, Armur has solutions for dApps of all sizes.


smart contracts safeguarded

Find vulnerabilities, assess threats for the building blocks of Web3 - smart contracts.


hacker community

A well-engaged global community of hackers is on stand-by to conduct supervised audits for edge cases not covered by Armur.

decentralized ai-botnets.

Botnets are the biggest threat to the network level security of a blockchain protocol. Decentralized attacks have become smarter and more lethal.
To tackle this, we use decentralized autonomous botnets that use swarm learning to eliminate dynamically evolving threats, in real-time.

network level security, provided.

Malicious players can take over the decentralized network with 51% attacks and
re-write the entire history of the chain. Armur stops dynamic and decentralized
botnet attacks with AI-enabled botnets of our own.


What our clients are saying.

Developers who have integrated our toolkit have great things to say about us.


The future of cybersecurity

We've been using Armur for our decentralized application and the experience hass been nothing short of extraordinary.

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William Miller
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The best shield for your smart contracts

We've built and deployed smart contracts on Polygon, Tezos and Solana and each time used Armur to find vulnerabilities and enhance the general quality of our smart contracts. Needless to say, great product offerings, simple to use and integrate and very developer-friendly.
We look forward to using Armur again.

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John Carter
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Amazing developer experience

Documentation is nice and easy to get started with, toolkit is simple to use and libraries are a breeze to import, install and get started with. I'd always recommend Armur to everyone building in Web3.

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Sophie Moore
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try the future of web3 cybersecurity, today.

Get started with our product suite, whether you're building dApps or entire blockchains from scratch, we have cybersecurity for all.